Susanne Plahl continues her way of presenting her own songs on “COLOURS” with a diverse range of compositions in different genres emanating from blues and returning to it. And with the new line up of The Lightning Rod, she has found a great band to bring out the best in this album.

With “Skyscraper” and “Restless Blues,” Texas blues meets acoustic blues.

While Stephan Kutscher plays the rocky, edgy and whining sounds on his guitar, the guest musician, Herby Dunkel, displays his impressive talents in a more traditional way with his slide guitar on Restless Blues. Gerri Lülik on harp and Benji Hösel on his upright bass give this song the required ambience.

The thoughtful slow blues “I Could Not Read,” which is perhaps reminiscent of a slow ZZ Top song, is followed by the funky “A Simple Thing” and the title song “Colours” which talks about the necessity of tolerance towards others.

After listening to a true rock song “Mr. Caveman,” where the singer displays her talents on the blues harp, and the ballad “A River Runs Dry,” accompanied on a single piano by Christoph Kögler, you will be impressed by the singers ability to display very subtle tones and vulnerability. 

“Music In My Dreams” can be taken as a hymn to life with music in the style of the ‘60s.

It also describes Susanne Plahl’s musical influences when she was a girl until the time she turned into a young woman.

“You Taste So Good” turns out to be a rocky song followed by the blues rock ballad “Blues In My Soul.”  

After “Close To You” -  again Texas Blues - you hear “A Little Is Not Enough” sounding like a rock song in a retro style, maybe comparable to a song by Manfred Mann’s Earth band.

Steve Criss arranged the backing vocals, as on her debut album “Brand New Recipe,” and sings the backing vocals together with Susanne.

The final cut goes far back to the roots of Blues.

Accompanied by Stephan Kutscher with simple strums on the acoustic guitar, Gerri Lülik plays along with his blues harp underlining the protesting lyrics.

With the young and gifted talents of Constanze Höffinger on bass and Reinhard Höbart on drums, the band has a strong rhythm section guiding through this album.

The bonus track “Blues In My Soul” features guest musician, Herby Dunkel, on guitar, Benji Hösel, on upright bass and the internationally acclaimed drummer, Peter Müller.

In the blues world, the song follows a different pattern (it is reduced to fewer notes) and rounds up the entire picture of this colourful album.


Brand New Recipe

With her debut album she dished out blues spiced up with styles coming from soul, southern rock, country and funk. The entire album leans a bit more to acoustic blues when compared with the second album Colours.

With Brand New Recipe you will find a tightly orchestrated guitar sound combined with a sometimes fragile timbre in Susanne's voice reflecting the meaning of her songs. Soon after this album was released she was awarded  "Best Blues & Roots singer by the Concerto Poll" while  Brand New Recipe won third place in the category of “Best Blues & Roots Album”.